15 December 2014

Five Happy Things

Last week was really chaotic, at work the GCSE mocks started so there was lots of seriously stressed out students needing someone to vent to. As most of us TA's were on a mock timetable the week felt like it went pretty quickly, sometimes it's really nice to do something different. I'm pretty sure my Year 11's felt differently though.

1. Birmingham German Market. My second market in a week and just as enjoyable as the first. We arrived in Birmingham around 10.30 while it was still relatively quiet so got to look around without being elbowed too much. 

2. Woktastic. I think this is the best Japanese place I have eaten at so far. I am already a big Wagamamma's fan but I found that Woktastic had a much larger selection of gluten free food. I had duck teppanyaki and it was SO good!

3. Catching up with friends. I haven't seen James in over 2 months and it's been even longer since I've seen his other half. It was nice for us couples to get together and catch up with a Christmas market, great food and mulled cider.

4. Adventure Time impressions. I have a student that I work with regularly who is actually the coolest girl in the world. I realise that is quite the claim but this girl breaks into Lumpy Space Princess quotes at the most random of times and always has me in stitches.

5. Kallo. Their rice cakes are top of my snack favourites this week. They are great to pop in my bag (wrapped up of course) for when hunger strikes. I especially like the paprika ones and the blueberry and vanilla are great too.

Things I've loved on the web this week:

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What have you loved this week?

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