10 December 2014

In Pictures: York

When my Mum called and asked if I wanted to go to York for Christmas shopping last Saturday I jumped at the chance. You see, I have never actually been to York, despite hearing and seeing some wonderful things about the city. A day with my Mum visiting the Christmas markets was going to be great, even if it did mean getting up at 7am on a Saturday. We started the day off with my Mum's very first Gingerbread Latte, her verdict: pretty good and not as sweet as she thought it would be.

Once we arrived we headed straight for the Cathedral, I really enjoyed walking across the city wall for part of the way. All the cute little sandwich shops which reside in the old turrets were just lovely. We made a bee-line for that tent in the above photo.

Once inside, we discovered some lovely stalls selling everything from handmade cards to home-brewed ale. There was also a cake stall which sold the most amazing gluten free pistachio loaf I have ever tasted. Made with ground almonds and soaked in lemon, I'm still thinking about it days later.

Mum bought a few Christmas gifts from the Yorkshire Soap Company. The shop smells amazing and all of the products looks completely edible. Unfortunately a lot of them contained perfume along with essential oils so they are a no go for me.

For the rest of the morning we walked past Betty's but didn't go in because the queue was HUGE! Mum bought the loveliest beagle jumper from Joules, we meandered through lots of quirky shops filled with the most beautiful things and I tried on a £90 jumper, just for fun though. I actually couldn't have justified buying it, despite the fact that it was so very soft.

For lunch we stopped at Côte thanks to a recommendation on Twitter. The food was absolutely delicious. My Mum hadn't eaten French food before (It was a day of first's apparently) and she thoroughly enjoyed her steak with lemon tart for dessert. I had pork belly with mash and caramelised apples, I couldn't have recommended it more. Plus crème brulee for dessert is always a win, despite the fact that my skin suffers for it later.  

The rest of the day was spent looking around the Christmas markets. I really enjoyed the handmade feel of York at Christmas and how everyone in the huts was dressed up. We drank spiced cider and took our time discovering them all. It was a pretty fantastic day and we are planning to go back in the Summer to explore more of the sights.

Have you ever been to York? Do you have any other recommendations of cities that I must see?

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