17 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

I came across this tag at The Pyreflies and Muted Mornings and thought I would add it to my little blog, what with it being the festive season and all. Christmas is always a magical time of the year for me, I love the lights, the smells, the food and a million other little things. If you haven't done this tag then consider yourself nominated if you feel like it.

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie?

For me it has to be Miracle on 34th Street which I mentioned in my favourite Christmas films post a couple of weeks ago. I always find this film so touching and it brings a tear to my eyes no matter how many times I watch it. 

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

I do a little of both actually. Traditionally we have always opened our gifts on Christmas morning but usually I'm so excited that I open one small gift on Christmas Eve to take the edge off. I have got it bad!

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I'm sure there are a lot but the ones that come to mind right now is when my brother was little and got drunk on Bucks Fizz, he had to go to bed in disgrace. It was pretty funny and we still laugh about it twenty years later. My favourite recent memory is from a couple of years ago when my Dad bought a "fart machine" and we taped it under my grandmother's chair. She was so mortified and utterly convinced she was letting one rip. She only realised when she noticed me and my Dad crying at the end of the table. I admit, that was pretty mean.

4.  Favourite festive food?

I really enjoy the traditional British Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. My Mum and I spend all of Christmas Eve preparing the food for when the whole family comes to eat the following day. It's my favourite meal of the year.

5. Favourite Christmas gift?

I'm not sure I really have one. I always use and treasure most of my gifts. Last year I received a record player from my parents that has spawned a new hobby of vinyl buying and Byron bought me a love knot ring which I've never taken off since.

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

It's got to be cinnamon.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

We do! Most of the day we spend preparing food for the 25th but in the evening we always eat homemade sausage rolls and stuffed potato skins together. I don't remember how that started but it's very delicious. We then usually watch a film and place all of the presents under the tree ready for the next day.

8. What tops your tree?

An angel.

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

A horse. I always wanted to horse ride. The main problem with this is that I am horribly allergic to horses. I'm talking throat swelling, eye popping kind of reaction so it was never going to happen. A girl could dream though.

10. What's the best part of Christmas for you?

Without a doubt it is all the family time. I'm two hours away from my parent's most of the time and with all our busy schedules we don't see each other as much as I would like. It's great to get a solid few days with them to celebrate the holidays. 

What do you get up to at Christmas?

Feel free to nominate yourself to take part in  this tag and let me know in the comments so I can check it out.

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