5 January 2015

Five Happy Things

Hello! How are you on this first Monday of 2015? Personally I struggled to get up with my alarm this morning. I usually wake up at 7 on the dot no matter what, but the last few days I have managed to get a lie in and felt very well rested. For a lot of people, myself included, today was the end of their holiday period. I went back to work today feeling completely replenished after a lovely two week break.

1. Engagement dinner at Prezzo's. Byron's Mum invited us out for a celebratory dinner at one of my favourite pizza places, I really do think their gluten free base is the best I've tried. Pizza Express was close but since they have changed their recipe I can't bear to eat it.

2. Cheaper petrol. It made me crazy happy to be petrol for just 1.09p a litre this week. Granted when I started driving almost 10 years ago it was only 74p but it hasn't been this low in the while so I took the opportunity to fill up.

3. Day date and lunch at Jack Rabbits. I hate being caught out for food when Byron and I go out but Friday was one of those days. My usual favourite The Good Green Cafe was still closed for the holidays so we headed to Jack Rabbits. It's a lovely place which serves locally sourced food and everything is really fresh. I expected them to be great on the gluten free front but unfortunately they only did gluten free crackers. They did adapt one of their dishes for me and it was really delicious. I like it when places go that extra mile to accommodate me so I don't feel like a pain.

4. The reason for our outing was so I could buy some new jeans. I have heard bloggers raving about the Topshop Joni jeans all last year and although I'm late to the party, I went a bought a pair {in black, naturally}. I can see why everyone is so nutty about them. Super high waisted and really comfortable, plus the fit stays great for days and doesn't go baggy. A winner!

5. New Years Eve. It was quiet, simple and completely lovely. Byron and I are homebodies who have no intention of battling the crowds in bars. Instead we cosied up in our PJ's, under a blanket and watched some classic Matthew Broderick. 

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I've been quietly keeping up with blogs this week and not posting here to enjoy a week off with Byron before he also returns to work. I'll be setting some personal new years intentions and blogging goals over the coming week.

How was your week? Did you have a wild night out on NYE, or like me, did you stay in watching movies in your PJ's?

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