16 February 2015

Five Happy Things

Last week was truly brilliant and really productive. Well, real life wise, not so much blogging wise. I actually missed last weeks Five Happy Things post and whilst I did feel bad about it, I was at my parents and I left my laptop at home to have some unplugged time (it was half term). I did spend some time reading blog posts on my Ipad though so I need to get commenting this week too.

1. Wedding Preparation. At the beginning of last week, Byron and I visited my parents and the lovely Inn where will be having our dinner after the wedding. It's absolutely beautiful, the hosts were very accommodating and basically it's just got that great rustic vibe we are after.

2. Panto. February is a bit of a strange time to still be watching pantomimes but this one was extra special as one of my Year 11 students was starring in it. I wasn't sure how Dracula would work as a panto but it was extremely funny and she was, of course, fantastic.

3. Long Weekends with my Love. Byron took Monday and Tuesday off work so we could tick a lot of things off our wedding list. This also included getting our marriage license, yay! We also watched a lot of Parenthood because we are completely hooked.

4. Getting Some Rest. I always find that I really need the holiday and I'm often very poorly for pretty much the entire time. My body is still recovering from the bout of flu I had so getting lots of rest amongst all the planning for our wedding was really essential.

5. Leaving My Comfort Zone. Last week I made a vegan and gluten free cake, something I had been interested in for a while but never had the guts to try. The moral of this story is that when someone emails you about guest posting on their blog you might consider saying yes and trying something new. I feel so much more confident in my baking skills as it was absolutely delicious. Keep an eye out for that post on Tea In Your Twenties, if that's your jam.

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How was your week?

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