31 May 2015

Five Happy Things: Wedding Edition

There were so many lovely things that happened during the half term week but getting married was definitely the highlight. There will be some photos on here but apart from a few my friends took on their phones we are waiting for the more official ones. While we wait I thought we could have a special edition of the Five Happy Things post which is 100% wedding related.

1. The weather was good! On Friday we had torrential rain and I was really worried that would continue into the Saturday. I actually didn't care that it was a bit overcast, I just really needed it to be dry. 

2. Meeting the family. Our families have never met and on Friday night Byron's side came to meet mine over a very fine gammon and my homemade cheese coleslaw. Everyone got on and we both breathed a sigh of relief.

3. The flowers were gorgeous. Although I had met once with the florist I actually had no idea what the flowers would actually look like until 9am on the Saturday morning! Daisies were a must and we spoke about rosemary for green leafy-ness but other than that the lovely lady at the Flower Basket had free reign. I'm glad I trusted her because she put together a gorgeous selection which were much admired. 

4. The cake toppers. We had the cutest cartoon versions of us made for our cake topper by my favourite lady at andsmilestudio. She already posted a picture of them on her Instagram and I'll be doing the same at some point. They really added a personal and quirky touch to our wedding and I was thrilled at how they turned out.

5. We got married! By far the most special part of our day was actually getting married. We opted for the quickest version with the least amount of words, Byron was worried about not remembering them, and it was so amazing to turn to the man I love the most and say I wanted to be his wife. 

I hope you had a fab week too, Keep an eye out for a few more wedding posts once I get some photos back and if you need a bucket there's some to the left. I'll try to be less soppy as time goes on but for now I'm going to go and hang out with my husband. 

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