30 June 2015

Markeaton Park, Derby

I love Markeaton Park. Situated towards the centre of the city it is surrounded by the university, a lovely residential area and a scary roundabout. It's one of those places that doesn't feel like you are in the city and it's huge! Before I moved here I didn't think these sorts of places existed and I always like an excuse to go there. This weekend it was the first of the warm Saturday's when June showed it's true colours. 

We spent some time walking around the gardens, watching some cute ducklings and getting an ice cream. We wanted over to the kids section to wade through the water and cool down. It was a lovely way to start the day and mark the beginning of our weekend together.

Despite being here quite a lot during the beginning of our relationship (we actually had our first date here), there always seems to be something new to discover. This pretty building sits within the grounds and it's where volunteers grow and sell produce. 

This bench is one of my favourites, I think Pamela Cavendish must have been a lovely woman indeed.

How was your weekend?

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