8 August 2015

My First Week

Well the first week at my new job and come and gone, I have read and learnt so much that the muscles in my eyes and brain hurt. Having never had any experience within the Financial Services, suddenly finding myself a Project Co-ordinator at a leading mortgage firm, it was a lot to take on. 

Thankfully my boss is lovely and has spent the week giving me some reading, some tests and some other admin type tasks to take on whilst I find my feet. I am definitely guilty to putting too much pressure on myself as I really do feel like I have something to prove and like I am starting a mile behind everyone else. However, I passed each of the four tests I took with 95% in both the mortgage and protection ones! 

I took the meeting minutes at the monthly meeting and received a phone call to tell me how good they were, which let's be honest, was ridiculously sweet. I don't know if I mentioned this before but I work for the same company as my husband, and whilst we don't work on the same floor it is absolutely lovely to have lunch with him. We also walk the 2 miles to work and back together along a canal path and it's been really special having those extra hours together - Made even better when we stop at Zizzi's for pizza on the way home, their GF base is amazing!

So all in all a great week and after all the nerves I don't regret this step one bit. 

Thanks for all the sweet messages asking how the week went, hopefully I covered it but if there's anything else you would like to know then drop me a comment or a tweet.

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