20 September 2015

Five Happy Things

This week has been both incredibly stressful and completely wonderful. A big project at work came to an end in a flurry of activity and a huge amount of photocopying. It was my first one and I think it went well even if it did end up being a little chaotic at the end. Yesterday we made the most of the sunshine and headed into town. Byron went for a haircut and left me in the record store where I bought The Cure's"Standing On A Beach" and The Monkee's self titled vinyl.

1. Byron treated me when the project all wrapped up to a trip to Ikea, where I finally bought a table for my herbs which were getting scorched on the windowsill. 

2. Ikea's veggie meatballs were a revelation and gluten free too! Thanks to Mimmi for the suggestion, I no longer feel  like I'm missing out when we eat there.

3. After some torrential ran has come a few days of sunshine and it's great to throw the windows open and thaw out a bit. It's been so cold I considered breaking my "no heating on til October" rule this week.

4. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back. I had 3 this week alone. Not sorry.

5. This morning I re-arranged the furniture and bought my record player upstairs to where I am typing this. I have spent a good deal of time dancing and singing along to The Monkee's since. It really takes me back to trips to primary school in my Mum's car. We are both fans and it has been so nice to rediscover that love.

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