25 September 2015

Our Wedding, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 and the last post of our wedding photos. I didn't mean for there to be such a gap between the two parts so sorry about that. You can see part one here if you missed it and want a gander.

Awkward photos where we all tried to cram into the tiny space at the Registry Office. There are so many of these where people are pulling the funniest faces. Also notice how my Mum has no idea where to put her hands, bless her!

A very last minute plan, made possible by my forgetting to take the stuff for the Inn to the registry office, was to all gather at my parents house. My parents have the most wonderful garden and I was thrilled to have some photos taken under my beloved Willow Tree. Fun fact: This is where I always wanted to get married growing up.

My family, it's so nice to have a recent photograph. I think the last one that we have all together was back when I was a teenager!

We were also lucky enough to get some photos in this beautiful garden. It's at the B&B where Byron's Mum stayed and was organised, again, very last minute. The owners kindly let us into their gardens and it didn't cost us a penny.

Lunch was at The Ship Inn in Surfleet and it was perfect. I had roast, my favourite, and the food was delicious and each dish was beautifully presented. We had eaten there a few times on the run up to the wedding, when visiting my parents, and it was always spot on. I also thought my lovely friend Claire did a very Pinterest-worthy table while everyone waited for us to arrive. Using the pretty name cards made for us by one of my - now former - students.

I made all of the cakes but our one of a kind wedding toppers were created by Andsmile who captured our likeness onto shrink plastic and also gave me an A4 print for our wall at home. They received so many comments as no-one had seen anything like it before. In fact, Viktorija had never had a request for a wedding topper so it was something new for her too.

A few photos outside on the reservoir and we were left to our own devices. I honestly don't know how people go on into the evening because by 5pm I was so tired, and my face hurt. We stayed at the Inn that night and the room was lovely. It probably would have been even better if we didn't forget our toothbrushes! 

I hope you enjoyed a little look into our tiny and handmade wedding. We wanted a relaxed day with no fuss and limited spending. Our wedding turned out to a perfect reflection of ourselves and we wouldn't have changed a thing. Except that bit about the toothbrushes, almost definitely.

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