4 September 2015

Our Wedding, Part One

Welcome to Part One of our wedding pictures, I've had to split it into two posts because otherwise it's just too photo heavy. This update features mainly the "getting ready" photos and a few of the ceremony. I can't believe it's already been three months since we said "I do" and I'm so thrilled to have the pictures back so I can share them not only with you lovely folk, but with my parents too who have also been waiting patiently. Although, I did give them a few sneak peeks.

Our wedding was really tiny, involving as few people as possible and with only 9 guests. My hair was done by the hairdresser who does my Mum's hair and I've known her for years and my flowers were arranged by the local flower shop. They got up extra early to make my crown and fill all of the jam jars my Mum spent weeks collecting with pretty wild flowers. We shucked tradition and both families got ready at my parents house, I am so glad we did it this way even though I had to roam around in my dressing gown so that Byron didn't see my dress.

I had absolutely no idea what my Dad had bought a chauffeur hat to take me to the registry office until the very last minute. He even wore a tie that didn't have Homer Simpson on it. He's a good egg.

He was also brilliant when we got ushered into that little room to fill out some forms and I felt so nervous I might have thrown up on my shoes. Doling out some wisdom and telling me how nervous he was when he married my Mum (30 years ago this year!). It really helped so thanks Dad.

Once Byron had gone inside, the rest of us all met in the car park (classy, I know!) to chat and marvel at how pretty I looked. Now as someone who normally hates that I have to say, being a Bride was kind of like playing a part and well, I really enjoyed it!

Ten minutes of trying to concentrate to say my vows and then it was all over. We were officially a Mr and Mrs. Also worth noting that I could have sworn that the room was pink until I saw these photos. That's how nervous I was!

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