11 October 2015

Five Happy Things

I read yesterday that there are only 10 more Friday's til Christmas. 10! I am a huge Christmas fan but on the whole I do try to keep my excitement under wraps until after Halloween. I don't think that rule is really going to stand this year though. I'm already thinking of the second dessert we are going to have for those who aren't boozy tiramisu fans. Anyway, without further ado, here are the five things that have made me happy thing week:

1. Impromptu date night at Zizzi's. Byron took me for dinner on Monday night thanks to an email code for 30% off at Zizzi's. We are living the dream folks but who turns down 30% off pizza?! Crazy people, that's who.

2. Pumpkin soup. Actually the best thing for these chilly October days. Now I am no longer intimidated by cooking an actual pumpkin, it's pumpkin all the things from here on out. 

3. The Kindred Soul Village. The always lovely Tori of Tori's Tales fame has created The Kindred Soul Village community along with her friend Bethany. I joined in the weekly photo prompt "This Moment" over on Instagram this week and it was great to meet some like-minded people via the tag.

4. Signing up for a combined yoga and reiki class for the next three months. I find putting myself in a new situation extremely difficult but Byron convinced me that I would enjoy it once I was there. You know what? I really did. Everyone was so nice and it was lovely to take that hour and a half our of my Friday evening for some self care.

5. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. Yes, every man and his dog appears to be talking about the KonMari approach to decluttering your life at the moment. I got the recommendation from Siobhan  - who reviews the book here - and I've spent this weekend clearing out my clothes and my kitchen. It's a very motivating book so far and there is nothing better than not having jars of herbs fly out of the cupboard at you every time you open the door.

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