18 October 2015

Five Happy Things

I have found it a lot harder this week to come up with five happy things when in fact lots of lovely things happened. This week they were smaller and more difficult to remember come Sunday when I always sit down to write this post. Might need to think about noting them down as I go along, not sure why I haven't thought of that before. Anyway, here are the little things I do remember:

1. Money off at Starbucks. Starbucks had no decaf on Monday, so on Wednesday (when they had some) a lovely barista only charged me for a tall when I ordered a grande. Very unexpected and sweet.

2. Cold evenings. These are always best spent snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa watching just one more episode of something or other. Currently we are working our way through The Mentalist.

3. National Chocolate Week. Meant I could eat all of the chocolate and basically think about it all the time. Feeling strangely sick of it now though. Oops!

4. Some new things. After clearing out my wardrobe I discovered that I actually have a very small percentage of clothes that aren't too big. Downsides to losing weight is that all those clothes I spent a long time choosing are now unwearable. As someone who hates shopping I have really struggled with this but on Friday after work I went into town to buy slippers (I have worn a HUGE hole in the bottom of my current ones) and also managed to get a lovely jumper, a pair of jeans and some new boots. 

5. Friday marked Angela Lansbury's 90th Birthday! It's also the day I recieved a J.B Fletcher brooch by the ever so talented andsmile in the post. Byron won't let me have it til Christmas though. Spoil sport.

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