8 November 2015

Five Happy Things

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me which have gone by in a blur. Workwise, I have a new boss who is lovely and I am still very much in the process of trying to get up to speed and learn the ropes. With the nights getting darker I've just been eating, reading and sleeping when I get home so this blog has naturally been a little neglected. I'm trying to get into a new rhythm though so hopefully that will change soon. These are the things that have made me happy in the last couple of weeks:

1. A desk move at work means that I now have a window seat. It's probably a bit redundant at the moment with all the rain and then the dark setting in at 4.30pm but I'm really enjoying my new view.

2. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a monthly yoga and reiki class. To be perfectly honest Byron did need to give me a bit of a shove out of the door but I have never been so glad. I am familiar with yoga but not so much with reiki, it's nice to go to a class that is a bit of a mix so I don't feel completely out of my depth. 

3. I completed my Goodreads challenge this week. It was only 20 books which is a small amount compared to others but I managed to finish it comfortably which I would prefer rather than stressing to the finish. The last book I read was Go Set a Watchman which was one I had been putting off for a while based on the reviews I had seen. In the end, I tried to view it as a work in it's own right and didn't feel too upset about this different portrayal of Atticus Finch.

4. Derby Christmas market came to town this weekend and it was amazing. Not only was it held in the Roundhouse, a building I have always wanted to see inside, but the mix of makers and creators in my neck of the woods was really impressive. We bought a couple of bumble bee cards which I've framed up, a new bauble for the Christmas tree and a scented candle that actually did smell like a log fire. 

5. A lovely Saturday with my favourite men made this weekend the best one in ages. James and Kevin visited us for a day of long walks, lots of food and some shopping at the above. It's always such a joy to see them and I found out that Kevin is in fact a fellow Fansbury!

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