22 December 2015

Lincoln Christmas Market 2015

With Christmas just 3 more sleeps away, I thought I had better get these photos from Lincoln Christmas Market up. Mum and I went just over 2 weeks ago and my first ever visit to this city at Christmastime didn't disappoint. It was much larger than any of the other markets I have been too and it took us a lot of the day to get around all of the stalls. 

Arriving by bus and using the park and ride - which was brilliant - we started with a boozy hot chocolate as we braved the wind and headed towards the first of the tents. I really love home made items and so the crafty tents are usually my favourite. Mum and I picked up a few pairs of earrings for a bargain, along with 2 slices of gluten free cheesecake before deciding to head down the hill.

We ate our cheesecake sitting on some steps where we were politely asked to move. To which my Mum exclaimed "but we're eating cake!". The security guard didn't care. We bought so many lovely things including oodles of fudge, beeswax candles, some pottery painted with woodland creatures and a slightly creepy pixie to hang on my tree, sold by the cutest kid ever. I am a sucker for that, and he knew it! 

Despite the crowds, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I definitely want to revisit next year. We were exhausted by 4 o'clock as there was so much to see, of course, that might have just been from walking up the hill!

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