5 January 2016


Not a New Years resolution but more a soothing for my always sore stomach, I am taking part in Veganuary. If you haven't heard of this before, it's where you change to a strictly vegan diet throughout the month of January. People do this for a wide variety of reasons from animal welfare to simply wanting to eat healthier, you can read more about the cause on the website if that's of interest. 

Personally I am participating to see if I can heal my gut, although caring for the animals is a huge bonus! For a long time now, and increasingly since the accidental gluten incident, I have really been struggling with cramping, pains and soreness when I eat. I've been keeping a close eye on when this happens and consistently it has been when eating meat. Chicken and pork in particular. Naturally I don't want to continue feeling this way and so, along with my very supportive husband, we are ditching the meat and dairy this month. 

I've done my research, the recipes are pinned, my fridge is full of veggies and yesterday I baked vegan and gluten free chocolate cookies which are marvellous! Although I'm only on day 4 as I'm sat here writing this, I have found that it is certainly not as hard as I thought. Of course, you can quote me on that when the cheese withdrawal kicks in. 

I'll continue to post the odd update on here, especially as the end of January draws near. For more regular news on how it's going you can find me over on my Instagram

Happy New Year!

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