28 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday One

I started writing this post at work, thinking that I should make the most of getting there early from now on. What better way than by starting my first Wonderful Wednesday post? Things have been quiet around these parts but lots of lovely things have been happening off the screen.

A New Friend
Many people bemoan how it's much more challenging to make friends as an adult and I am no exception. A few months ago someone new started at my workplace and we bonded over a love of fruit of all things. We soon swapped numbers and made a dinner date for next week! Lovely to add another person to my friendship group who actually lives locally.

Cleaning my Desk
Another work related one and for most people it's probably not a big deal. However, with the completion of a huge project at work came the realisation that my desk was an utter mess. So bad in fact that the poor cleaner had completely abandoned it for at least 3 weeks as he couldn't get anywhere near it! Cue a few weeks later and I finally found some time to go through my drawers, chuck a load of stuff away and clear the top of my desk too. Happy cleaner, happy Sam!

Repotting Plants
Usually repotting plants by myself is a huge mistake as although I feel I do everything as I'm supposed to, my plants always die! Hence waiting and taking them home to my Mum. Last weekend I put on my big girl pants after buying some pretty new pots and repotted 2 of my favourites. A few days on and they are still looking really healthy so fingers crossed! It was also a really great way of spending Saturday morning whilst I waited for the husband to wake up, alongside an episode of Murder She Wrote of course.

I was prompted to write my first Wonderful Wednesday post after the lovely Sally shared it on Twitter and got me thinking about the warm and fuzzies. There's even more lovely folks who join in on the happiness so be sure to pop over to them too - Michelle, Helen, Emma, KateCat and Jo.

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