7 August 2016

Weekend Reads #3

I've been branching out and following a host of new blogs this week. If you have any favourites I would love to hear them! Here are my favourite posts of the week in case you're looking for any of your own.

Life Lately In July // Life as Unusuals. I love life round ups and this one is particularly exciting as Kerri has quit her job in pursuit of what makes her happiest! So looking forward to seeing where that takes her and following along on her blog, always a favourite read of mine.

The Great Kitchen Makeover // Life Outside London. Always a nosy one what a delight to be given the tour of Michelle's new kitchen. It's bloody gorgeous!

10 Steps To a Simple Cozy Kitchen // Homesong. I discovered Homesong a couple of weeks ago and I am already addicted to their way of living. Cozy is one of my favourite words and certainly something that I strive to achieve in our home. As we are crossing all our fingers and toes to have our own home soon this post was particularly inspiring.

Steam and Cream // Emma's Happy Little World. Winning the award for the week's filthiest title is this inspired date night post by Emma. Always a sucker for anything from yester-year, her cream tea and steam train date is a winner.

DIY The Garden // Wooden Window Sills. Amanda's beautiful garden DIY is a stunner, it's completely amazing how she and her boyfriend have transformed their outdoor space. Speaking of, the bathroom DIY is also the stuff of dreams! 

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