14 August 2016

Weekend Reads #4

Looking for some blog posts to read on this frankly rather grey Sunday? I've got you covered.

Body Confidence & Holidays // Sophie Cliff. A lovely post that a lot of people seemed to relate to and I was no exception. Body confidence is a constant struggle in an age where women are heavily airbrushed and made to feel they must look a certain way. Sophie's honest account of her experience had me nodding along at every paragraph. 

The Optimism of a New Start // The Girl Who Loved To Write. New starts are great, we all know this. But do we ever make the most of them? As the husband and I are now in the process of buying our first home, I am thinking about all the new traditions and good habits we can make.

A Simple Guide To Drying Your Herbs // Hello Glow. I've spent a lot of time trying to actually keep my herbs alive and it's good to know that there is an effective way of drying them for when their season is over. Should save me plenty in buying ready dried stuff too!

A 5 Piece Simple Summer Capsule Wardrobe // One Pleasant Day. Carrie manages to make so many outfits out of just five pieces look really easy. As someone who is going through their wardrobe trying to minimise my belongings, this is gold!

A Brain Scoop August // Snug. I always love reading these personal posts and getting to know the face behind the blog. Abigail's is a good 'un!

Habit Shift: Morning Walks // Reading My Tea Leaves. The entire Habit Shift series is an interesting read and the morning walks is no exception. Good habits are so important and I feel mine have completely fallen by the wayside lately. I really needed this post to give me a kick up the proverbial behind.

If you have any posts you have really enjoyed reading this week then give me a shout over on Twitter. I always love adding new blogs to my feed. Happy Sunday!

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