21 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday Eight

Good morning and happy Wednesday!! I am squeezing this post in at work today before my day officially begins. It's been such a manic week that has involved vegging out in front of the telly in the evening and then heading straight to bed. Still, there's always lots to be thankful for and the Wonderful Wednesday posse is growing by the week!

The Sound of Scotland
This morning on the way into work the local radio show did a hilarious feature on Scottish accents based on the new Poldark character. The aim was to introduce yourself, say where you were from and repeat a phrase. The presenters and listeners then had to guess if they thought the caller was Scottish or not. There were a number of really terrible ones which made us laugh, one that fooled us and one we guessed as correctly being scottish.

Giving Thanks
I finished a project at work which had been ongoing for a year over the weekend and received some lovely gifts from my manager along with some emails of thanks from some of our advisers. It's really nice to see the end project come together and the thanks is just the icing on the cake.

Spaghetti Squash
I had an epic meltdown over the weekend where I was severely missing ALL THE FOOD! I think Whole 30 broke me but today I have only 9 days to go and I am determined to stick with it. I picked up some spiralised spaghetti squash from Aldi to go with some bolognese on Saturday night and and it was amazing! It took the edge off for sure.

B and I have been enjoying indulging in a little Wonderfalls in the evening lately. Originally released in 2004 it's about a girl who thinks that inanimate animal objects speak to her and force her to do good deeds which aren't always apparent. It's really well written and very funny, if you were a fan of Pushing Daisies you would love this! Also, it stars Lee Pace which is a good reason to watch anything.

The lovely Sally is the one who got me thinking about the warm and fuzzies over on Sally Tangle. There's even more lovely folks who join in on the happiness and mid week merriment so be sure to pop over to them for more of the good stuff - MichelleHelenEmmaKateCatJoKerriLauraSarahJasmin, Peta and Elenor.

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